Download Xender App Free For iOS and Android and PC

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Download Xender App – Xender is an Android / iOS application that allows you to transfer data, files between two different Android / iOS Smartphones.

The Xender is very easy to use, fast and secured.

Download Xender App Free For iOS and Android and PC

Note that when you download Xender App, it has access to?

  • Read all the text messages in your phone
  • Send text messages from your mobile phone when they want to?
  • Your contacts list
  • Your call log
  • Manipulate your call log (Making it appear like you were called or you called someone)
  • Get a full list of all the apps you have installed on your phone
  • Take control of other apps installed on your phone.

How to Transfer or Share files using Xender App on Android

  • First things first, download Xender app and install via Google Play Store.
  • Once the app is installed, tap on it and you will see a couple of options, for example, apps, music, photos videos, etc.
  • Select the files that you want to transfer, then tap the Send button that you get to see below the screen.
  • The user on the other end will have to tap on the ‘Receive’ option and enable Location access as well.
  • A new interface will pop up on your phone with a QR code
  • Allow scanning of the QR code and the files will then be transferred or shared to the other device.

You can download Xender app for free on Google Play Store

How to use Xender App to share files from Android to iPhone

  • Open Xender app on your Android device and tap on the Send button that is located at the bottom left corner of your screen.
  • The button once tapped, a “Connect to iPhone” option will show a screen with ‘AndroidShare Wi-Fi network’ and password to enable connection with the iPhone.
  • The Android phone will create a virtual network which will be shown on the iPhone’s Wi-Fi settings.
  • To allow the connection, the iOS user go to the Settings menu, select Wi-Fi and then press on the same in the ‘Choose a network’ option.
  • With this, the iOS user will have to select the Android Wi-Fi network, type in the password and press on the Connect button.
  • Connected will be established between the two devices and you can now share or transfer files to the recipient.

How to Share files from Android to PC using Xender app

  • To transfer files from your Android device to PC, open the app on the phone and site on your desktop browser.
  • Tap the icon that you will see at the top left corner in your phone.
  • A few options will show up on your screen, tap on the More option which is found below ‘Share to WhatsApp’.
  • Tap on the ‘Connect to PC’ button.

You can transfer your files with ease from the Android device to desktop via Xender Web

  • You will be prompted to scan the QR code, which you will see on the Xender web page.
  • All the files on your phone will show up on the desktop.
  • You can choose files accordingly, and upload them on your desktop.

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