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Download Games For Free-  What is a mobile device, PC or desktop without a game, hence the need to download games for free. Well, it’s nice, at least you know you won’t have battery issues with your device, at the same time you’d possess quite a boring device. The aim of games is to create relaxation and peace of mind especially after a hard stressful day. So having one or two games(s) on your device isn’t bad unless you are the addictive type.

  Not everyone enjoys having to pay for games they wish to play unless the game is really unique.

so here are some sites you can get games for free from;

Download Games For Free

Free Games For PC or Desktop

 Please before visiting any site and downloading games for your PC or desktop, endeavor to check the kind of OS the game works under, the memory space the game would consume and lastly the kind processor it works under. Everything to confirm whether the game is compatible with your system or not.

Acid Play

If you are looking to get simple not too heavy kinds of PC games, this is the right site to visit. it has a huge library of them, the only bad side is most of the games are outdated.


Has a lot of addictive games of different categories, a search bar and multiple download link for a game.

Mega Games

As the name implies, this is one of the best places you could come across to download PC games and also 3D games. What makes this site better is its long array of Game cheats like In Oceans of Games.

Other PC/Desktop download free games sites are Caiman.US, Ocean of Games, GOG, Green Man Gaming.

  For mobile devices

Under normal circumstances, all you need is to visit your device’s application store. The Google play store or the IOS application store. Find the game you wish to download, click on it, read the reviews about the game and proceed to download if you are interested in it. I won’t advise anyone to download games from sites because of the risk of viruses and privacy attacks on your device.

 Better still, you could try out other application stores like Mobogenie, Aptoide, GetJar, Android Apps and so on. Third-party application stores that might offer more than your OS application store.

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