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eBay App – eBay is a large company existing over a long period. It has a website well packaged for the sales and distribution of almost all forms of products. The eBay website is embedded with enough features making it easy to use.

The eBay app has expanded into using the BUY IT NOW option, whereby users are urged to buy products they want immediately they see it, are they could never see them again.

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Features that make the eBay app one of the best among other online retailing apps includes all of the following.

Fully Functional Search Option

To have a successful mobile app means to have an app that is easily used by customers. Having a terrific search button that gives results for all searches is a big hit for any app, and eBay has surely hit a jackpot with that, for they have attained nothing short of quality in their quest to meet the searches of customers and give them matching results.

Apart from the ability to predict text while the user is still typing, they are also able to give quick suggestions about categories where particular searched products could be found. With the option of voice search lurking at the corner, it makes eBay App even easier and fun to use.

Barcode Scanner

This tool can be used to great effect by a customer while search in for products,  as products, could be found without having to scroll through a turning list of products. eBay does not use a physical shop, so. This is the perfect way of at least extending their products into the street.


With this feature, products could be searched for matching the pockets or choices of the consumers. FILTER could be made according to

  • Prices
  • Conditions
  • Distances
  • Location
  • Postage option
  • Time left for auction etc.

These are simple options to use, thereby saving the time of the user of the app.

eBay online shop Simple Product Pages

With these, it is so easy to decide in buying products because descriptions are given on the pages of the particular products, and they are done systematically to ensure that the vendors fall in love with the products.

Furthermore, product pages could contain pictures of the products or maybe short videos. Sometimes, tutorial videos on how some technical products are used could also be inputted in the product pages.

Product pages are for sellers, and sometimes it makes it difficult for mobile users to surf through pages because of huge loads of information gathered about products.

Use PayPal To Pay on eBay App online Shopping

One of the key strength eBay uses to get around frustration encountered by customers on the use of credit cards, especially during form filling is the use of the PayPal option. This option is just one click away to a conclusion, as all you need to do is input a password.

How To Download eBay App

Online shopping on eBay is has been made simpler than every other online shop. You can get the app downloaded on your phone just like every

Other social media apps you have on your device. Below I will give you the simple steps

  1. Visit the Google play store app on your phone
  2. Use the search box to search for eBay app as you do when downloading other apps
  3.  Tap the download button and launch the app on your phone
  4. Simply sign up or Login to your you account and continue with your shopping.

The step above is for the Android users. The Same step applies to iPhone users but on iTunes store.

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