What Dorothy Perkins Online Store Specialize In | www.dorothyperkins.com

Dorothy Perkins Online Store is a multi-national universal fashion brand for women based in the United Kingdom. This brand is known for selling its own brand of clothes, and other fashion products from other brands.

Dorothy Perkins was founded in 1909, and bare the name ‘HP NEWMAN’ until it was finally changed in 1919 to its present name. In those days, its brands were well known for their lingeries, tights for women and pyjamas or sleeping wears. Dorothy Perkins Online Store was barely able to compete on the same level as other brands when it came to clothing.

Dorothy Perkins Online Store

What Dorothy Perkins Online Store Specialize In | www.dorothyperkins.com

Dorothy Perkins Online Store is simply a brand for women. Dorothy Perkins Online Shop clothes sizes are manipulated to fit in tall lanky girls, to petite and plus-sized females, together with pregnant women. With a great collection of boots, shoes and many other fancy accessories, you are sure to always find the perfect fit for yourself or a gift for someone else.

Dorothy Perkins Online Store is undoubtedly one of the biggest fashion retailers in the country, and they have up to 230 stores locally and a huge amount of international stores worldwide.

For Dorothy Perkins, fashion is what they crave for and specialize in. It is always in everything they set out to do. Dorothy Perkins have linked up with so many celebs in the past and offered useful advice concerning sizes and shapes /styles to these celebs.

In 2018, Dorothy Perkins brought into light a collection of clothes that were specifically designed to meet the needs of women with fuller and rounder figures. That alone showed how interested they were in satisfying all types of customers available to them.

Market strategy Use By Dorothy Perkins Online Store

  • Online strategy

Dorothy Perkins has strictly kept to marketing their brands using their website ‘dorothyperkins.com’, and blogs affiliated with it. Recently, social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube has been invested in, as it seems to be the most populous and therefore, the easiest form of reaching people in today’s world.

In 2007, they enlisted the help of Gok wan, to grant concrete advice about styles through their website, and social media platforms. This went a long way in helping their quest to become the world’s leading brand in fashion.

  • Collaboration With Other Brands

They have done this so well, and it helps in giving taste to different varieties of customers. In 2012, they teamed up with celebrity sisters (Khloe, Kourtney and Kim Kardashians), and were able to bring ‘Kardashian collections’ into the United Kingdom. The brand which had different styles in their clothing designs were sold in Dorothy Perkins stores around the UK, prompting massive sales, thereby sparking a relative increase in their fan base.

Today they have earned around 400 stores and an ever-increasing, shining global presence through their excellent marketing strategy and quality brand products.

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