Don’t Play Nametests Facebook Game – Why You Should Not Play Facebook Nameteste Game

Nametests Facebook Game – Nametests is known to be a fun way of passing out time while using your Facebook account. Nametests Facebook game is fast becoming one of Facebook most popular game app, but the problem is a lot of Facebook users have been complaining about the insecurity of the Nametests games on Facebook.

Unlike other quiz apps, Nametests could potentially expose your personal details to malicious users on Facebook. I am not saying the game app is designed for malicious use.

All I am trying to convey is that because the Nametests app is lagging behind in security issues, then there’s a high possibility that hackers can exploit the gaming app and steal Facebook users personal details.

Don't Play Nametests Facebook Game - Why You Should Not Play Facebook Nameteste Game

If there are still Facebook users like me that have not tried the Facebook Nametests game, it is advisable you do not think of playing the game.

Reason Not To Play Nametests Facebook Game

Inti De Ceukelaire is an ethical hacker and a popular Facebook quiz maker, he stated that the Nametests Facebook game which is a popular Facebook game has security loopholes.

He further stated that the gaming app has exposed Facebook data of over 150 million users to third parties, which result in insecurity issues.

He noticed this problem while trying to load a quiz game to the Facebook website, he found out that a third party site has been getting his personal details directly from the Nametests Facebook game. The ethical hacker ran an immediate test to rectify how possible it is for Facebook users details to be stolen on the Nametests Facebook game.

He set up another website to connect to the Nametests website, he found out that whenever a Facebook user frequently visits the Nametests website, the website provides access for third parties to access the users personal Facebook details.

However, the only possible solution to the above-mentioned problem is by manually deleting all cookies on your phone.

Remove Nametests Game On Facebook

To remove the Nametests game on Facebook, follow the simple guidelines below;

  • Visit your Facebook account.
  • Click the menu icon.
  • Scroll down and click settings.
  • Navigate to security.
  • Click the Apps and websites button.
  • Tap logged in with Facebook.
  • Select the Nametests game and tap the dot icon next to the game.
  • Click on Remove.

Once you remove the Nametests game on Facebook, Nametests no longer posts to your Facebook timeline, you can as well delete old posts of Nametests on your timeline.

Even if you delete the Nametests app from your Facebook account, the Nametests site continues to share your personal data with third-party apps, so it’s best you clear all your device cookies.

Note; Nametests Facebook game, displays a Facebook user personal data in javascripts.

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