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Dating with Facebook has never been better with the Facebook dating app/feature. The Facebook dating app is the booming matchmaking feature in the Facebook app to help with people find love on the platform.

There are lots of dating platform online but to an extent, Facebook dating stands out. For one, Facebook already has a lot of experience with creating relationships. These days most people on Facebook are looking for a sort of romantic relationship in one way or the other.

Dating With Facebook App

That being said, let’s point out the various ways to date on Facebook.

Ways to Date On Facebook

Dating on Facebook requires you to find a partner to be involved with. There are numerous ways to do that on Facebook and there are listed just below.

Facebook Dating App

This is the #1 way to date on Facebook because it is the legit way to. Facebook dating is basically a dating platform on Facebook where you can find a date by adhering to Facebook dating various match-making prompts.

The app can be located in the hamburger menu at the top left corner on your newsfeed wall in an up-to-date Facebook app. Then you would have to set up a dating profile to enable Facebook dating to start creating matches for you.

You could get dating matches from events, groups, secret crush list from either Instagram or Facebook and so on.

Facebook Groups

There are various Facebook groups created for the sole purpose of dating and finding suitable partners. All you have to do is join a Facebook group for dating.

To search for a dating group on Facebook, use the keywords; Facebook dating group, Facebook singles, Facebook Singles above (Age), Facebook Dating For Singles, Facebook (age) dating, Facebook dating near me, and so on.

Facebook Events

This is one of the most creative ways to dating on Facebook. You could use the Facebook events feature to find about events happening around you and in doing so get to meet new people.

The trick while using Facebook events is to target events happening in your area so you build up conversations with people and make new friends. From there you can now find a possible dating partner and kick things off from there.

Use the Facebook “Discover People” Tab

This tab can be found in the hamburger menu or while scrolling through your Facebook newsfeed page and can be used to find people near you. You can search by city, education level and work.

The search results will mostly be people that reside around you area or people you come in contact with.

Using the Facebook Date Browsing Method

It’s the most stressful but most secure method especially if you are looking for a serious partner. This method involves you browsing through your friends list, friends of friend list, mutual friends list, suggested friends list, or through Facebook generally for a possible date.

You would have to check each person’s profile for things you would like in someone you’d like to date. Firstly, their relationship status must be set to single, and then you could begin to look through their posts and Facebook activities to ascertain if you would really like to date that person.

When you do a find a person, don’t just go straight to messaging that would be creepy. Start by liking and commenting on their live or recent posts, send a friend request, and proceed to establish a sense of friendship between you two. Then you could begin to show your motive slowly.

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