Dating On Facebook Download Dating App Free | Facebook Dating App Download Free

Dating On Facebook Download Dating App Free – Dating On Facebook wasn’t really ideal and straightforward till Facebook dating app came along. There are lots of ways to find dates on Facebook as the social media network currently boasts of nearly 3 billion active users on its large and lucrative platform.

You could join any of the lots of available Facebook dating groups, find people looking for relationships on Facebook or even message unsuspecting single Facebook users. But all this will not really increase your chance of finding a person to date on Facebook.

Dating On Facebook Download Dating App Free

With Facebook Dating app, Dating on Facebook just took a huge level-up.

Facebook Dating App – Dating On Facebook Download Dating App Free

Facebook Dating App makes it pretty straightforward to date on Facebook. No more of searching for singles or interested parties all over Facebook. All you have to do is locate the Facebook dating app and open it.

Facebook dating app also lets you create a dating profile that will be exclusive to only its owners. There are a lot of privacy settings in the Facebook dating app which will ensure no one gets to know of your dating activities on Facebook.

How to Get the Facebook Dating App Free

The Facebook dating app is not downloadable per se as it is in the Facebook app. Technically, to get the Facebook dating app; you need to download or update your Facebook app, own a Facebook account, and be 18 years of age or above.

It’s located in the menu at the top corner of the newsfeed page and is tagged as “Dating”. The Facebook dating service is completely free, unlike most online dating services that hide some exciting features behind paid plans.

Facebook Dating App Set-Up

Immediately you tap on the Facebook dating tab, you opt in to create a dating profile. It’s easy to create as you will be answering very simple questions and uploading catchy images.

Once you are done, Facebook dating would in turn suggest matches to you. You could also browse around to find people by yourself. This could be done either by browsing through user’s profile or using features like Events or Groups.

Every Online dating platform has a feature unique to itself and so does Facebook dating. In its case, this feature is called Secret crush. It allows users to add Facebook friends or Instagram followers to a secret crush list. If anyone on your list also adds you to their list, Facebook dating would create a match and inform you of both of your actions.

Dating on Facebook doesn’t get better than this. Do not hesitate to open a Facebook dating account to enjoy the qualities this dating platform has to offer.

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