How Facebook Dating Platform Works & Install Facebook Dating App

Dating App Facebook – Facebook is enormous in terms of the user base, and success rate. It currently is the number one choice for billions of users worldwide. Over two billion people use Facebook monthly.

Facebook also has a huge number of people who identify as single. Thus it is commendable for Facebook to introduce a dating platform for its singles. There are over 200 million people on Facebook, with relationship status as single.

Facebook dating is a new feature introduced in May 2018, that allows users of Facebook who are in search for love and in need for a dating site, find a suitable partner.

Dating App Facebook - How Facebook Dating Platform Works

It’s good news to these users since they already use Facebook and can finally find a standard dating platform embedded in the Facebook app. What Facebook has introduced as a dating platform is highly applauded for its quality and free access to users.

While the best dating sites charge a monthly or yearly subscription for using their site, Facebook has done this for free. And it already has a large audience who happily welcomes this new feature and is poised to finding love through it.

Facebook dating functions like a normal dating site but does far much better. It has creative and innovative features sure to be far more useful to its users than other dating sites.

How To Get Facebook Dating App | Dating App Facebook

So how does one get the Facebook dating app might be the question lurking now. And I provide an answer to that question in this section. To get the Facebook dating app all you need to do is to get the latest version of the Facebook app from the play store for Android users and Apple stores for iPhone users. The Facebook dating app is actually embedded in the main Facebook app itself.

So it’s part of the Facebook app that can be accessed by clicking on the Facebook dating link in the main Facebook app. So it doesn’t have an app for itself which is cool, because if you have the main Facebook app, then you have it too.

Also, note that this is a new feature and it isn’t available in every country yet. Only 20 countries now has access to the Facebook dating platform.

So if you have downloaded the latest version of the Facebook app and you still cannot find it then it means it isn’t yet available for your country. But it is growing fast enough and would soon be available for all of its users, in Facebook using countries. And it’s also only available to users above the age of 18. There is also no computer web version that can access it. Only the latest Facebook app can.

How Facebook Dating Platform Works

The Facebook dating platform has several features that are quite interesting and unique. When you choose to join Facebook dating has discussed in the previous section by clicking on the Facebook dating link you would be required to open a dating profile.

This dating profile is different from your normal Facebook account profile and only your name and age will be transferred to it. The rest of the info on your dating profile is left for you to fill as you choose.

Your dating profile tells potential dates about you and it contains your pictures, interests and necessary information. You also get to see other’s dating profiles. How the Facebook dating works is by matching you with a date based on your common interests as written in your dating profile, and from there on, you both can organize a date.

And you also get to manually find a date by browsing through the dating profiles in the platform and signifying your interest to the person via a message. However, you cannot overuse this privilege because, in order to prevent users from pestering anyone with too many messages, a feature in this platform allows you to send only one message to any person.

And if the person doesn’t reply to your message, you won’t be able to share further messages. So it pays to compose one good enough to get a reply.

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