Credit card for 18 year old: How to Get Credit card for Teenagers

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Credit card for 18 year old – Credit cards For Teenagers? Are you searching for the best credit card for teens?  This may look so hard because of different credit cards in the credit card market. In any case, this article will assist you with the rundown of top credit card useful for teens.

As a teenager, there are cards you should go for, or secure for the teenager in your family. The cards I’m talking about here, are credit card that will help them assemble a credit card record and furthermore acquire an incredible credit card score.

Thus, in this article, you will get significant information about the best credit for teenagers and furthermore how to apply for the card.

Credit card for 18 year old

Credit Card for Teenagers

  • Deserve edu
  • Capital one secured master
  • Petal 2 visa credit card
  • Discover it secured card
  • Discover it student cash back
  • Bank Of America Travel Rewards credit card for student

Best Credit Cards for Teenagers

Below is the best credit cards for teenager they include:

Deserve EDU Mastercard for student

Deserve EDU master card offers outstanding cashback to cardholders, plus free yearly fee.


  • Free foreign transaction fees
  • cell phone protection
  •  $0 annual fee
  • Cardholders receive amazing cashback on all purchases.
  • Good for college students and professionals, starting their credit journey.

To apply for deserve Edu MasterCard, you need to visit their website, click on the pre qualify button and follow prompt to know if you are pre-qualify.

Capital one secured Mastercard

Capital One Secured MasterCard centers around assisting cardholders with remaking their credit. The following are the highlights and advantages that accompany the card.


  • $0 yearly fee to members
  • Offers auto credit line review
  • Offers a refundable deposit
  • Enjoy auto pay
  • Receive account notification

These are the benefits that comes with becoming a credit holder

Visit to apply.

Discover it Cash Back

Discover is good for cashing in on major cash. It is offered by discover bank.


  • Free annual fee
  • Earn 5% cashback rewards on gas stations, restaurants, grocery store e.t.c
  • Unlimited 1% cash return on every other purchase you made with the card
  • Free SSN alerts with your card


To apply.

Bank of America Travel Rewards Credits Card for Student

Bank of America travel rewards, help you build your financial future.


  • Unlimited 1.5 point for each 1$ spend on purchases
  • Annual fee is not required
  • Help members to build their credit
  • When you make purchases within the first 90 days of membership, you will get an introductory offer.

Visit on your browser to apply.

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