What Content Marketing is and Every Tip and Guides You Need to Use It

What Is Content Marketing?

Content marketing deals with the art of producing and distributing contents of great importance, in a bid to attract and gather/pull together a particular type of audience as the case could be, thereby obtaining a major purpose, which includes provoking positive customer actions in relation to the content being marketed.

With the ordinary traditional marketing becoming more and more irrelevant as time goes on, content marketing has successfully paved a way for the average forward-thinking marketer.

Content marketing is a sophisticated, well-planned marketing system that is bent on sharing important and considerably consistent contents, to attract a particular genre if audience. In this case, instead of directly advertising your products, you are providing important and useful content to your audience to help them solve problems or issues followers encounter concerning a product.


Content Marketing Strategy | Content Marketing Guide

Having the best content is probably the bigger part of the puzzle when trying to market a content, but the other which has always been seemingly underrated is the promotion of the contents. For a best content marketing strategy the following Content Marketing Guide should be observed.

  • Tag major expert sources when sharing

When trying to market your content, be sure to mention experts to your posts, to make sure that they get to see them, and indirectly feel the urge to re-share/re-post.

Further work could be done to email tagged experts privately, in a bid to further urge them to share your content. In the process of messaging them, short interviews could also follow-up, and questions could be asked from experts, to gain additional knowledge, or to know about possible mistakes or faults that would subsequently be restructured/corrected.

  • Send direct messages to Influencers

Trying to inbox a popular Influencer is not an easy task, but it is surely very powerful. By using LinkedIn, you could reach them directly even without being in possession of their email addresses, as long as you have a connection with them on LinkedIn. Once they have been reached, urge them to read, share and add links to the content, and you wouldn’t definitely amass much more audience with their influences.

  • Introduce contents in appealing manners

This can simply be done by using videos in marketing your contents, as they look to be more appealing and versatile in nature. Videos are of great advantage as they could be transformed. For example, transcriptions can be extracted from a video and turned into a blog post or pdf file. The audio from the video could be easily extracted and used in creating a podcast as well as using the video contents in creating slideshows for slide-share.

With this transition from a video, to a podcast, and then to slideshows, you have become dynamic in your marketing service approach and would be able to meet the needs of your audience through any means that looks pleasing for them.

  • Making use of contents communities

There are a lot of websites that allow you to submit your content to them. These communities have already been established and have a reasonable amount of audiences that are willing to see new and interesting contents. The competitions on such communities are severe but notwithstanding, if you have a great content that is enticing enough, you’ll definitely get the attention and love from their audience, and gather a reasonable traffic on your websites. Examples of such communities include :

  • Triber
  • Tribe pro
  • Biz-sugar e.t.c.
  • Make use of snippets ;

Try to create many snippets to cause an uproar in shares obtained from social media. A snippet could be a short line from the content, or a sentence showing major statistics and a slight variation in the original title. As a content marketer, you should be able to draw out about 25_30 snippets, and then share them on social media during a specific time frame and continue doing so if the content performs well with that particular snippet used.

For content marketing to work perfectly, it must be designed to target a specific audience. We have to also put the client into contention first, and make sure a reaction is positively provoked whenever a content is published. Contents with the ability to provoke emotional responses are most effective. These responses could also include ‘Anger, fear/surprises and so on.

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