Connect Facebook to LinkedIn | How to Link Facebook and Twitter With LinkedIn

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Connect Facebook to LinkedIn – As a business merchants, you ought to know that Facebook is a very important social media platform for building your business reputation.

Facebook helps to create brand awareness, drive brand sales, and keeps you updated on the events in your product industry.

And someone asked – if Facebook is for business brand awareness, then what is or are the functions of LinkedIn?

LinkedIn is a website for business professionals which has monetized its connections via its power as a corporate platform.

Connect Facebook to LinkedIn |  How to Link Facebook and Twitter With LinkedIn

Integrating your Facebook and LinkedIn account together is a great idea, it allows you to post your LinkedIn updates directly to your Facebook account page. Business merchants can use the LinkedIn platform for promoting their products and services.

Take for example; if your business events are listed on your LinkedIn account, it helps you attract LinkedIn connections. Both Facebook and LinkedIn contain forms you can update to display your business URL address in bother social media profiles.

Facebook vs LinkedIn

Facebook and LinkedIn seem to appear a bit similar, but naturally, they are totally two different social networks.

LinkedIn has now built a large and fast-growing business selling data and appliances services to its users, the social network is going down a path to capture More and more of businesses as the company continues to develop richer data tools to help people find jobs.

LinkedIn is said to be the no.1 professional business network with its strong data analysis skills and capabilities.

While Facebook is a social network designed to let people share ideas and interests with one another. Many business professionals believe Facebook is too cluttered with a hyper sharing feature which is one of the biggest challenges of the Facebook platform.

All the same, Facebook is a platform for online sharing and interaction while LinkedIn is a data-driven application. Both sites work hand in hand with one another to see to the success of businesses.

Steps to connect Facebook to LinkedIn

Here are a few guidelines to connect your Facebook and LinkedIn accounts together;

  • Visit in your phone browser.
  • Login to your Facebook account.
  • At the search bar, type LinkedIn.
  • Click the LinkedIn app from the results that appears.
  • You will be redirected to LinkedIn page.
  • Click connect with Facebook.
  • From the pop-up message that appears on your screen, click log in to Facebook.
  • Click on allow and LinkedIn will import all of your Facebook contacts.
  • Select a LinkedIn plan level – premium or basic plan.

Your Facebook and LinkedIn profiles are now linked to each other. Go back to your LinkedIn profile and click edit, the edit button allows you to add a link to your Facebook account.

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