Clubhouse Accelerator Program: Applications open for the Clubhouse Accelerator Program

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Clubhouse Accelerator Program – Clubhouse Announces is Accelerator Program for influencers Have you ever thought of monetizing your conversations? Will hear a way you could. You’ll get support from the clubhouse team.

Clubhouse is an iPhone-only voice chatting app whereby people host and join various conversations. It’s got no video, no pictures and hardly any text. It’s basically audio. The clubhouse app has got it all figured out in making an app popular in 2021. When the clubhouse blew up, Twitter launched Spaces ad now two social media app’s (Facebook and Instagram) are building their audio sharing spaces.

Clubhouse Accelerator Program

Now that brings us to the question “what’s next for Clubhouse?”. Lately, all the competing platforms have a group of influencers, which Clubhouse should follow the same to stay onboard.

Clubhouse Opens Applications For Its First Creator Program On Sunday 14 March, Clubhouse announced that it was going to launch “a creator accelerator program”. It tends to teach 20 selected influencers how to host good conversations, generate a following and frequently monetize on clubhouse.

However, March 31 is the deadline for applications. All you have got to do is to have a Clubhouse account. It did t state when precisely it’ll announce the chosen influencers.

Clubhouse newest feature was detailed by the town hall. Users can share links to conversations and also filter them by language. As a user, giving clubhouse access to your phone isn’t needed anymore. You could also invite new individuals to the platform by typing their phone numbers into the app. Clubhouse’s first town hall will be hosted in Italy on Monday, March 15.

Clubhouse is still sticking to “invites only”, not like its influencers currently have a very wide reach to begin with.

The Clubhouse is an amazing app and being able to communicate via audio with the ability to join, invite and create a platform is unique. Don’t miss out on this. Join, get an account and enjoy its features.

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