Chevy Corvette Production Restrained For The Fourth Time

The latest production of the 2021 Chevrolet c8 corvette stingray has been halt, this is now the fourth time general motors halt the production of the sports car.

The shutdown started on Jan 29 according to a corvette blogger, workers were expected to return to start construction on the car on Feb 8.

Chevy Corvette Production Restrained For the Fourth Time

But workers didn’t return this week as expected, a spokesperson told roadshow, due to a brief parts production issue, we can affirm that bowling green assembly will not run production the week of February 8.

Our supply base to mitigate any further impact on the production issue, and we anticipate the return of the plant’s operations by Monday. The brand didn’t mention what it’s lacking, so it’s not clear what led to the restraint of the production for the third time.  

The company refuse to give a statement on what induced the shutdown, so it’s quite unlikely we will learn more this time

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