How to Change Your Facebook Name or Username on Facebook And Rule To Change Facebook Name

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Change Facebook Name – Changing your name on Facebook is never going to be a challenge to anybody after you have successfully gone through this article. So many people had also believed that Facebook name could never change after registration, but that is never true. I will show you below.

To Change Facebook name can occur for some reasons like,

  • Those who have just gotten married, and no longer identify with their birth name
  • Those who just want to change their name to the one they feel they are more comfortable with.
  • For those who no longer want people to keep tabs on them anymore using their old name.

Whatever reasons, you have for wanting to change your name on Facebook. We bring you steps, on how to successfully get a name change on Facebook.

Change Facebook Name

Rule To Change Facebook Name

Before you embark on the name change procedure, note, Facebook has put some restrictions in place. Let’s see these restrictions;

  • You don’t include your title
  • Characters from multiple languages cannot be used ( But your name can be entered in a non-Latin alphabet if you wish)
  • Unusual capitalization, punctuation, characters or random words, are prohibited
  • Words or phrase, can’t be used in place of a name, including offensive or suggestive words
  • It is suggested, by Facebook, that you use the name your friends call you with daily. The guidelines given by them, specify, that the name should appear on an ID or document listed. This list is made flexible so that some of the materials could potentially include a nickname used by you, other than your name, as it appears, on your official ID
  • It is specified by Facebook, on the issue of nicknames, that they can be used as a first or middle name if they happen to be a variation of your real name.
  • Your name on Facebook can only be changed every 60 days.

Note; If the name you select, needs confirmation, Facebook intimates, that access to some features may be lost temporarily, while the name change is being confirmed. This confirmation, requires you submitting a form of ID or mail displaying that name.

How To Change Facebook Name

Here are steps given to guide you in changing your Facebook name;

  • Navigate to settings
  • Beneath “General Account Settings> Name, click Edit
  • Type in the name you want as the first name, optional middle name, and last name, and after that click “Review ”
  • You will be prompted by Facebook, to choose how you want your name to appear
  • Make your choice, and type in your password, and tap “Save Changes.”

Your name change should be effected immediately, although Facebook will have it reviewed. And you may be prompted on why the change was effected. If your reasons are not cogent enough, as regards the restrictions listed above, you may not be able to make the change of name.

Changing your name on Facebook is very basic and straightforward, and can be quickly done, as long as adhere to Facebook restriction terms.

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