5 Best IOS Launcher For Android 2020- iPhone Launcher App

Best IOS Launcher – Android is undoubtedly a popular operating system, and there are billions of users worldwide. Android provides a professional user interface, and there are many features for the satisfaction of each user. However, sometimes a user wants to try something new that is just iOS. 

If you are one of these people who wants to use iOS on your Android, we are here to help you. We provide you with the full details of the best ios launchers for Android that you can install on your phones to enjoy the functions of iOS. Take a look at the following information.

5 Best IOS Launcher For Android 2020- iPhone Launcher App

5 Best iOS Launcher for Android you should try

Below is a list of the top ten best ios launcher that provides iOS experience on Android devices. You can use these launchers on any Android phone including Samsung, HTC, Huawei, LG, Lenovo, Xiaomi, ZTE, Alcatel, Sony, Motorola, Nokia, etc.

1. A launcher

It is a perfect launcher when you want to turn your Android device into iOS device for as long as you need. It comes with customizable features that allow you to configure your settings. Personalization allows you to access your favorite functions with easy access via shortcuts.

You just need to install the launcher and then open the application and then click on “Experience”. You are now ready to enjoy the iOS interface according to your needs. 

It will also allow you to install and use the applications developed for iOS systems. In summary, there are many options that are enough to help you use this launcher easily and smoothly.

2. X Launcher – Best IOS Launcher

It is one of the best iOS launcher for Android that provides you with everything similar to the iPhone. It has the power to offer you more options and an even better design than iOS devices. You will get more than 800 icons similar to the iOS design, and there are many other options for your interest.

You can configure your home screen and adjust the layout according to your requirements. You can enjoy most of the iPhone functions on your Android phone without slowing down or losing the power of your phone.

3. OS 11 iLauncher – Best IOS Launcher

It is another launcher that is in the list of the best iPhone launchers for Android phones. It’s the simplest launcher and integrates Apple icons into your phone. As a result, the icons on your Android phone will be replaced by the icons and settings on the iPhone.

In this iLauncher, there are no customization options, and you should use their default options with few changes. But it works smoothly and can provide you the best iOS user experience.

4. iLauncher OS11

It is a launcher that gives your phone a fresh iPhone look, and you can use it efficiently. You’ll get a new look for your apps, and you’ll also see a whole new cool screen.

Due to its fantastic screen and application launch speed, it is considered the best performing launcher for you. You can install it by following some necessary steps, and you can enjoy all the functions and options of iOS on your Android device.

5. xOS Launcher

It is a great starter giving you the smooth experience of fast processing. It offers you advanced home screen settings and you can easily enjoy your iOS experience. You can use different widgets, and it doesn’t slow down your Android.

Get the customizable layout and set the icon sizes that suit you best. Overall, it’s a great app that lets you redesign and play around with your home screen settings.

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