Best Free File Explorer for Android 2020

Best free file explorer for Android – Not everyone is interested in file organizations because it can be a boring thing, but everyone still needs a file browser. File transfers between a computer and smartphone are as simple as plugging in a USB cable and firing up your desktop file manager.

But what do you use to manage your files when you are on the go? – an Android file explorer that’s what you need.

Android File Explorer

File explorer apps are among the most important apps on your Android device. With them you can browse your files, find your downloads, manage your storage space, move things around and a lot more.

A lot of Android users use file explorers to keep track of all of the many files they have. While there are dozens of the file explorer available on the Google playstore, many don’t offer the features or ease of access that you want or need in a file explorer.

Best Android File explorer – Free File Explorer

Whether you want to explore the root directory of your phone, encrypt apps, or just manually, move, create and delete folders on your device, these file manager apps will see to your needs;

  • Mixplorer – it has long been one of the best and favorite of the XDA community, letting you not only explore files on your device but also across your entire personal network. It packs plenty of customizations, allows robust tabbed browsing, and let’s you create chains of commands using the task feature. You can easily view various formats of files, thanks to an integrated reader that reads the Epub and PDF formats as well as a comprehensive media player, image viewer, and text editor.
    mixplorer apk Best free file explorer for Android
  • Asus file manager – it has a beautiful category screen that allows you to organize and label your files. It is compatible with a host of cloud storage services such as One Drive, Google Drive, and Dropbox, while b is simple enough to link the account and manage it directly. It also allows you to compress and decompress zip files and allows wireless transfer between phone and pc, the file explorer is completely ad-free too.
    asus file manager best free file explorer for android
  • Es file explorer – this is one of the oldest and most reliable file explorers. Es file explorer comes with a niche gesture feature where you can record certain gestures that will perform functions within the app. It also allows you to save shortcuts to folder and files on your home screen – making it almost fully desktop esque. It comes with built-in viewers and players for various file types.
    es file explorer best free explorer for android
  • Astro file manager – one of Android’s oldest file explorer apps. It’s features include; SD card support, cloud storage support, file compression, app management, and archive extraction support.
    astro file manager best free file explorer for android

With the above mentioned Android file explorers, you can be in charge of your files.

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