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Best Cryptocurrency Apps – While you are thinking of buying, selling, and trading cryptocurrency, just understand there’s a lot you need to learn about cryptocurrency if you are a beginner. One of such things that you need to gain more knowledge on is the best cryptocurrency apps and how they work. This is because as you trade cryptocurrency, these apps are designed to give you the ease of trading, buying, or selling cryptocurrency right from your smartphone.

Currently, there are different options for cryptocurrency apps in the market. With these varieties, it can actually be difficult choosing or settling for the best cryptocurrency app. If you are confused about the best cryptocurrency apps to choose from, you’d do well to read through this article to find the best possible option of a cryptocurrency app that you can use in the course of transacting your crypto business.

Best Cryptocurrency Apps

What to Look for in a Cryptocurrency App

In a bid to settle for the best cryptocurrency app, there are things you need to look out for. These features make the app come up as one the best amongst other apps. Let’s see these features:

High Level Security

The crypto app you are settling for must have a high level of security. This means that it must not be susceptible to criminals, hackers, and scammers. So before you settle for any app, you have to review the company’s safety features, look for 2-factor authentication and back-end encryption. All these features will ensure that your coins are kept safe.

Ensuring that these features are in place is very important, because bitcoin and other cryptocurrency transactions are very difficult to trace. Immediately you initiate a transaction between wallets, it is near impossible to cancel or get your money back. This is because of the decentralized nature of the blockchain, which makes it impossible to tell who owns which wallet.

Real-Time Data

You need an app that can give you up-to-date, minute-by-minute information because of the high volatility of cryptocurrencies. Search for real-time data and information which lets you in on how your coins are faring. This will ensure that you are not using obsolete information in informing your trading and investing decisions.

Availability in Your Area

If you thinking of actively buying and selling cryptocurrencies, you have to ensure that the app you are settling for is available in your area. This is because a number of countries and states have banned unregulated and easily manipulated exchanges.

Others on the other hand have instituted limitations on the type of cryptos which can be bought and sold. So, now you see why you need to double-check that the app you are going for is available where you live?

Best Cryptocurrency Apps

Now, let’s started with the best cryptocurrency apps:


Coinbase is the app that beginners who want to get started on learning more about some of the most popular options or learn more about cryptocurrency should get. You can get this beginner-friendly cryptocurrency exchange app for free. From the app, you can learn the difference between bitcoin and blockchain as well as buy and sell cryptocurrencies.

Once you have completed the verification process, you can make use of your bank account or a credit card to buy some of the most popular cryptocurrencies. Coinbase also has a new education section that you can use in earning free cryptocurrencies. However, Coinbase is not available everywhere. Currently, the app is available in 32 countries with plans to expand further.


If you are looking for a simple cryptocurrency app that helps you stay updated on market trends, build your crypto portfolio and execute your trading strategy, you can go with Gemini. With its easy-to-use features, this app puts the industry’s best crypto exchange and wallet in your hands.

From the Gemini app, you can easily track asset prices and real-time market prices anytime, anywhere. You can simply set price alerts so you can act fast on price movements for individual assets and schedule recurring buys on bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.


With the eToro cryptocurrency app, you can connect, share strategies as well as talk market with a vast community of users who are already using eToro. What’s amazing about eToro is that when you open a new account, you are given $100,000 to practice trading cryptocurrency in a virtual portfolio to help you improve your skills.

Additionally eToro has an ever-expanding variety of cryptocurrencies and crypto/crypto pairs as well as over 30 tools and indicators. With eToro, you can also tap into an unlimited withdrawal amounts and a streamlined deposit feature.


Using the Wirex app, you can exchange 18 traditional and cryptocurrencies in the Wirex app. You’ll also have access to exclusive OTC and interbank rates with 0 fees on all fiat-to-fiat exchanges.

You’ll enjoy major benefits like crypto debit card and Bitcoin Cash back via Cryptoback™ Rewards.

Once you start using the Wirex platform, you’ll have the access to order the debit card free of charge and can use it anywhere Mastercard or Visa is accepted. You’ll also enjoy 24/7 customer support on the crypto exchange and your wallet functionality that comes with reasonable fees.


Delta is adjudged to the best crypto tracker for your bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies which is supported on both iOS and Android. The Delta app is free and enables you track over 7000 altcoins. With the app, you can easily see coin prices and market charts in the currency of your choice.

Delta also connects to your crypto wallets and exchanges and helps you view transactions and exchange fees on any number of your exchanges.

Other functions you will enjoy with Delta includes:

  • Market overviews
  • Watchlists
  • Personalized notifications
  • Syncs up to 2 devices
  • Access to multiple portfolios
  • Detailed trading analysis offers you an app, crypto pay, crypto earn, crypto credit, and exchange, and DeFi Wallet. This app offers a wide range of products and recently partnered with Visa to offer its own brand of Visa Card.

This will help you spend your crypto anywhere Visa is accepted and earn up to 8% back. You can open an account for free and get verified in less than 5 minutes. platform offers 24/7 customer support.

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