Bergdorf Goodman Gift Card | Bergdorf Goodman Traditional Gift Card | Bergdorf Goodman Virtual Gift Card

Bergdorf Goodman gift card is designed and offered to help customers discover a premier shopping experience.

Bergdorf Goodman gift card, helps you celebrate special occasions with those who matter to you. This Bergdorf Goodman card, can be customized, to fit that special occasions and person you are celebrating.

Once your gift card is ordered, it can be delivered straight to your recipient or to you first, either way.

Bergdorf Goodman operates a department store that offers premier designers for children, men as well as women. On offer also, is an exclusive beauty brand, unique gifts, and luxurious home décor, shoes, handbags, accessories, etc. through its two store outlets.

Bergdorf Goodman gift card gives you the access to their New York City Store, and also online, at

Bergdorf Goodman gift card comes in two variations. They are Bergdorf Goodman traditional card, and Bergdorf Goodman virtual gift card.

bergdorf goodman gift card

Bergdorf Goodman Store Services

Bergdorf Goodman offers the following store services.

  • Personal Styling
  • International Services
  • Restaurants
  • Bridal Salon
  • Fur Care & Storage
  • Store Directory

Bergdorf Goodman Gift Card Terms

  • Bergdorf Goodman gift card, will not be replaced
  • There’s no expiration date with gift cards
  • Gift cards, whose value stands at least $1,000, may require extra identification.

Where Can I Use My Bergdorf Goodman Gift Card

Your Bergdorf Goodman card can also be used at Cusp, Horchow, Last Call, Neiman Marcus, store, online and also for catalog purchases.

Gifts that are valued at more than $2,000.00, the recipient, will get a check in place of a gift card, to conform with federal law.

How to Check Bergdorf Goodman Gift Card Balance

Your Bergdorf Goodman gift card balance can be checked online, over the phone or in-store.

How to Sell Bergdorf Goodman Gift Card Balance

To sell your Bergdorf Goodman gift card online for cash, do the following;

  • Key in your gift card brand. Supply the balance of the gift card
  • Submit, and go thru your offers. Payment methods, include Check, Paypal as well as ACH.

Selling your Bergdorf Goodman Gift Card can get you 76% back on your card.

How to Pay For an online Order with Bergdorf Goodman Gift Card

To pay, do the following;

  • Provide, the gift card number, and the four digit code, that appears on the back of the traditional card or on the Bergdorf Goodman virtual gift card
  • In case you are paying with multiple gift cards, you don’t have the access to choose the amount to be deducted from each gift card. The balance due will be deducted from the gift card with the least value first, and then from the remaining gift cards in an ascending order.
  • The remaining balance of your order, if there is, will be required to be charged to a credit card, which can be keyed in, on the payment screen
  • Unused value remains on the BG Gift Card or BG Virtual Gift Card until you decide to use it.
  • Canceling an order that has already been shipped, or returning your order, a Merchandise credit card will be mailed to you, as long as the return merchandise is within the borders of the return policy guidelines.

Bergdorf Goodman Card, grants you access to make the right choice and make that dream choice, of choosing that, apparel, beauty products, shoe, luxurious home décor, handbag, and accessories etc. of your choice.

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