Audio Inventor Rupert Neve Dies at the Age of 94

The inventor of the pioneering equipment Rupert Neve dies as a result of non-COVID pneumonia and heart failure, according to his official website, the audio innovators kit a mainstay on genre-defining classic rock albums, passed away on February 12th in Wimberley Texas.

Audio Inventor Rupert Neve Dies at the Age of 94

Rupert was born in England in 1926, he volunteered to serve during World War II, providing communication supports to the British army’s royal corps of signal. After his creation of the audio mixing console in 1960 for an Ireland composer.

He then established his own company, Neve electronics the following year. Neve is recognized for, the neve 80 and 50 series mixing desks. His Neve 8028 console, known for its punchy sound.

The inventor and his wife Evelyn sold Neve companies in 1975, but he continued to work on new designs throughout his life.

He then moved to Texas with his wife in 1994 where he established the Rupert Neve design in 2005. He won the achievement technical Grammy in 1997, his work was recognized by the industry.

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