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Audacity free MP3 Audio Editor – Audacity is an audio editor that allows for multi-track and it is a recorder for windows, Mac’s X, GNU/Linux as well as other operating systems. 

Audacity mac is crafted as free software, developed by a group of volunteers, and allocated under the GNU General Public License(GPL). Since programs like audacity code are available for anyone to study or use, they are often referred to as open-source code

There are lots of other free open source programs, such as Firefox web browser, the libre office or Apache open office suites, and whole Linux-based operating systems like ubuntu.

Audacity free MP3 Audio Editor

Audacity Review

This power tool was started in the fall of  1999 by Dominic Mazzoni and Roger Dannenberg at Carnegie Melton university. audacity is a free multi-track audio editor and recorder brought to you by aosiniao, audacity was released on May 28, 2000, as of version 0.8. As of April 19, 2021, it became the most popular download from Fosshub, with over 11million downloads since match March 15.

Audacity won the source forge 2007 and 2009 community choice award for best project for multimedia, before now downloads were being served from Google code and source forge, with a combined total in excess of 200 million downloads.

The graphical interface of the audacity software is translated into languages like; Arkansas, Arabic, Basque, Bulgarian, Catalan, Chinese (Simplified) Chinese (Traditional), Corsican, Czech, Danish, Dutch, Finnish, French apart from English.

And also, Arkansas, Arabic, Basque, Bulgarian, Catalan, Chinese (Simplified) Chinese (Traditional), Corsican, Czech, Danish, Dutch, Finnish, French. Let’s dive into the features that come with audacity.

Unique Audacity features| features of Audacity

Value features the audacity audio editor:

  • The audacity mac record live audio through a mixer or microphone, or even a digitize recordings from other media
  • You can record computer playback on any windows vista or machine using the audacity for mac
  • You can use the audacity to convert tapes and records into digital recordings or CDs with ease .
  • You can edit WAV, AIFF, FLAC, MP2, MP3 or Ogg sound vorbis sound files using audacity for mac.
  • The audacity for mac supports AC3, M4A/M4R(AAC) , WMA , as well as other formats which are supported using optional libraries
  • With audacity for mac users can cut, copy, splice, or mix sounds together
  • Audacity for macs comes with various edge its including change the speed or pitch of a recording.
  • You can import and combine sound files, export your recordings in many file formats, including multiple file formats, at once

Limitations Audacity

Limitations of Audacity mac:

  • Audacity does support instruments (VST plugins)
  • The audio editor only support 32 bit or 64 bit VST audio effect plug ins, depending on the structure it was built for. However not both at the same time it is built in 32 bit for windows and 64 Mac OS.
  • The audacity mac does not natively export or import WMA, AAC, AC3, or most other proprietary or restricted file formats

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