Apple asks employees to wear body cameras to help stop leaks

Apple is taking action, the tech company asked clients to wear body cameras to crack down on employees leaking products information.

The latest iPhone or MacBook is the most leaked device on the internet. According to a recent report, Apple is asking its employees to wear body cameras in other to crackdown on products and information leaks.

A report by front page tech stated that certain apple employees are being asked to wear a body camera while at work, as an effort to stop employees from leaking information and new products and also to ensure that hardware trade secrets stay out of the hands of leakers.

This new development only apply to certain product teams. This means apple means team employees who are working on new software and hardware will wear cameras.

With employees wearing body cameras apple will be able to monitor any suspicious behavior and also get to review footage from employees.

Apple employees will be asked to wear police-grade cameras similar to the Axon body2, which is widely used throughout US law enforcement.

However, it is ironic that Apple’s security measures on preventing leaks have in fact been leaked already. It might be a trap to try and identify leakers or apple security is just poor and incompetent.

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