The 9 Best Android Apps for Managing To-Do List 2020

Today we want to share the 9 best Android apps for managing to-do list. We decided to cast a spotlight on 9 of them simply because of the unique feature they possess.

The 9 Best Android Apps for Managing To-Do List 2020

1. Todoist

This Android Apps for Managing To-Do List is not great in terms of graphics. Its interface is flat, white and largely bare.

With the free version, you can organize activities into projects, create sub-activities, leave notes, and change priority levels.

The pro version adds labels and filters, automatic backups and reminders, linkable files, iCal synchronization and productivity monitoring tools.

2. Google Keep

Sticky notes are one of the most reliable list management methods out there.

Google Keep digitizes this approach in an intuitive format for PC and mobile devices.

You can annotate a reminder on a single note or create basic lists with selectable items. If you don’t want to forget a specific activity, you can ask Keep to notify you at the time of your choice.

3. Zenkit To Do

Zenkit To Do is a simple Android Apps for Managing To-Do List. Some of the key features include folder support for list organization, the ability to mention other users, synchronization between devices, and 2FA access.

And remember, Zenkit offers a suite of recommended productivity apps, including a Kanban card and a Gantt chart. 

4. Microsoft To Do

Microsoft purchased Wunderlist in order to integrate many of Wunderlist’s features into its scheduled task application, Microsoft To Do.

Microsoft To-Do is the perfect Android to-do list app for anyone using Windows only, thanks to its tight integration with Microsoft’s operating system and other productivity apps.

A lot of Wunderlist users claim that some of the best features of the previous app are still missing. However, the app is under active development, with new features being implemented almost monthly.

5. TickTick

This app is a newcomer. One of its distinctive features is the availability of smart lists. These can extract activities from all your projects depending on the parameters you choose.

Other key features include separate notes and comments sections, attachment support, a calendar view, and repeated reminders.

6. Remember The Milk

Unlike TickTick, Remember The Milk is the oldest Android Apps for Managing To-Do List on this list.

There are all the features you expect, like labels and folder-based hierarchies.

But it’s the app’s recent features that allow it to compete with services like Todoist. For example, there is integration with Gmail, Google Calendar, Twitter, Evernote, and more. 

7. Google Task

This I should say is Google’s response to Microsoft To Do. Get due dates, checklists, reminders, subtasks, and prioritize drag-and-drop activities.

Google Task also integrates with the rest of the Google application universe. For example, you can use the app to create activities directly from emails or make your activities appear as reminders in Google Calendar.


This app has been one of the best Android to-do apps for many years. It offers all the standard features (reminders, syncing between devices, and deadlines), but the built-in calendar is the point where the app really shines.

Its inclusion means that you only need one application to keep both your schedule and activities synchronized.

You can extract calendar data from Google, Slack, Salesforce, Alexa and others. also supports voice memos, location-based alerts, notes and attachments, and even a family organizer.

9. Trello

There is no “wrong way” to organize your to-do lists; you have to do what works for you.

If you feel that regular task management apps are not right for you, you can try a completely different approach to the workflow of taking notes and managing tasks.

One of the most popular alternative methods is the Japanese Kanban system. Use the cards to track and record the progress of activities and tasks.

The main digital version of the Kanban method is Trello, which is available on Android. 

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