Android 12 Developer Preview has been Released: Android 12 Release Date

February is halfway gone, meaning the time has come for the great company Google to start unveiling the first developer preview their soon coming OS Update.

According to Vice president Dave Burke, in a blog post, he said that the upcoming Android 12,  the putting more focus on some major areas to come up with amazing experience and more enhanced performance.

Android 12 Developer Preview has been Released: Android 12 Release Date

Presently, all we can gather is with regards to the developer,  shortly we are going to be looking at some features that might be coming with this new Android 12.

Features On The Android 12

  • Enhancement in the media type such as AVIF for better quality images in small file.
  • A more simplified  gesture navigation and more reliable in immersive mode which help when you are either reading books, playing games or seeing a video.
  • There is going to be a features for developer to only show the transparent navigation bar, any the which this is not set on it will by default recognize a swipe form side or bottom to go back home.
  • Apps in the Android 12 will be able to offer what Google referred to as “audio-coupled haptic feedback through the phone’s vibrator.” With this the developer will able to create more experience  like simulating rough terrain in racing games even video call app could use custom ringtones to create a vibration pattern tht helps the users to easily identify their caller.
  • Notification will be “Modernized”, with more friendly interface and better function.
  • Well Optimized transitions and animations across the system to make them smoother
  • Notification will be getting a better affordances and a refreshed look.
  • Alert will be faster and more responsive, this will be done by blocking intermediary broadcast receiver
  • This latest OS Android 12 will be coming with Android Runtime Module (ART) , which will allow the company to push updates to the core runtime and Libraries on devices running on it.
  • It will have the “Rich content insertion”: this will allow users to paste files or content from clipboards, keyboards or drag and drop sources.
  • More control for privacy and security.

The Android 12 is not just for phone but for other devices like Tab, TVs, and foldables. According to Google that also mentioned that first Android 12 preview is available for Android TVs. This was done for developers to be able to resume testing their apps for new Google TV interface which the company introduced last year.


In conclusion, the released preview is only for developers. For this reason, the download is limited to manual. So you are ready to see what the Android 12 looks like as a developer you can go ahead and Install the preview now by flashing the device system image to a pixel phone or improvise by using Android Emulator in Android studio.

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