Amazon Plans To Use AI-Powered Cameras To Monitor Delivery Vans And Drivers

Amazon is planning to make use of AI-powered camera gadgets to monitor delivery drives on their way. The camera gadget and software platform is supplied by Netradyne Company.  The camera and software will have the ability to inform the driver of any road violation or bad driver practices.

It will also be able to gather data which the amazon admin can in the future use to make evaluation on the drivers.

Amazon Plans To Use AI-Powered Cameras To Monitor Delivery Vans And Drivers

According to Deborah the Amazon spokesperson, he said” We are investing in safety across our operations and recently started rolling out industry leading camera-based safety technology across our delivery fleet”

Amazon made us to understanding they are doing this to put an end or reduce collision and very bad driving.

This camera will not allow drivers to be monitored in real-time but instead, footages will be upload to the safety-team for different actions, like illegal road use, failure to stop, or speeding will trigger audio alerts, “distracted driving” or “no stop detected”, hard braking or seatbelt violations and more

According to one of the drivers he complained that the new technology will rather make an already difficult job more difficult than usual as they will have to pay more attention details and concern with any possible error or violation the AI-device might think it observed

This camera is already in use in Long-haul for detecting distracted drivers. Some other delivery companies have also tested this new technology.

I think Amazon will be putting more stress on the drivers than usually … let us know what your take on this Amazon new development.

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