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Amazon App – Amazon has noticeably seemed to have moved a step ahead of just becoming a traditional smart-phone app created to just shop online. They have successfully broadened their horizons, by turning its app into a testing ground for exquisite small screen shopping for the future.

amazon app

It boasts a lot of features which would be looked up in on the go. These features on the app include;

Features Of Amazon App

Live Feedback From Experts

With this option available on the Amazon mobile app, it is easy for customers to easily seek advice from the hands of seasoned professionals. For example, fashion stylists are always on hand to give professional advice on how to use some fashion wears or beauty products available to customers. Questions could be asked regarding these products ranging from their benefits to their flaws etc.

Use Of Argumented Reality Option

This option looks to take users of Amazon mobile app into the future, as things that are planned to be bought could be easily fit into your house or office fictionally through the use of your phone’s camera. Making it possible to at least get a glimpse of how such objects will fit in when bought. For example, when purchased a home decor like a flower vase The virtual representations of the flower vases wanted could be seen and selected, while being placed virtually in affiliation with the device camera on probably a table in your house, or a shelf.


This is a peek into the future, as it is possible for you to use your phone camera to take pictures of a product you want from your comfort zone. And immediately be a click away to buying it on the Amazon app. This feature is not yet available on the android versions, and it is yet to be known when their versions will be released.

With the use of FLOW, you never need to use barcodes, as objects are recognized by both their shapes and sizes, notwithstanding the amount of them available. That is when the iPhone camera views the products and they are detected, the order is duly arranged on your wish list and cart on the Amazon app.

Outfit Compare Feature/ Fashion Advice

The sales of clothes still stay atop on the priorities of online shops, more than any other category. Amazon has started making their way into the business of fashion too, and are known to house various designer brands and a video channel.

It uses an option known as the OUTFIT COMPARE that is made available to price users, in which users upload pictures of themselves in two different outfits and professionals with the perfect sense of judgment, give verdicts in relation to which fashion sense was better.

How to Download Amazon App –  Download Amazon App For Android and Ios Devices

Amazon App Download is the next action you need after you have discovered some of these nice features which you have been missing out. Below I’m going to take you through the easy process on how to download Amazon mobile App.

Step1: Visit the Google play store on your Android device

Step2: On the Search box type “Amazon App”

Step3: Click on Download and complete the installation

Step4: Login in using your Amazon login details

Download Amazon App for IOS devices requires the same process but this time you will be visiting the Apple store  “iTunes”

Now you are good to go… Enjoy your Amazone Online shopping App while you shop from the comfort of your home

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