Alexa Can Share Songs To Your Friends’ Using Echo Devices

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Amazing Echo Device Feature…

Ever heard a catchy song and wanted to share it so badly?  Amazing is rolling out amazing features on Alexa that let you share a song using echo devices or Alexa app by simply asking the voice assistant to “share this song with” a contact and they can not only listen but send a reaction.

Alexa Can Share Songs To Your Friends' Using Echo Devices

One of the amazing features of the echo services is you don’t need to use Amazon music or even the same streaming services as your recipient, Alexa will find a track on any services available to you and if there’s still no match it will go as far as to provide you with a station based on the artist’ name and song title.

You can try this future by enabling Alexa communications. If you are not sure about the contact that can receive a song, you can start a new message to see who’s available.

Amazon categories this as “just the beginning” of the sharing feature, and is already hinting at possible features upgrade in the nearest future

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