Action Launcher Creator Built a Living Android Wallpaper app: SwirlWalls App

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Action launcher Chris Lacy introduced a Swirlwalls app that aims to make wallpapers far more interactive, unlike the normal wallpapers app that don’t do much more than offering a gallery of static images or canned animations.

 Action launcher creator built a living Android wallpaper app

The psychedelic environment respond directly not just too basic touch, but to velocity — a quick swipe will spin graphics differently than a slow drag. Wallpaper can react to the motion, too, if you’re inclined to treat your phone like a Joy-Con.

The swirl wall is eligible for customization, you can remixes, darkness, spin speed, and other fine tuning, it will recognized your phone dark theme. It’s even somewhat practical, you can enable a gesture to lock your device screen.

Swirl will cost you $5 to access it but it is a one-time purchase with no subscriptions, ad, or in-app purchase.

And if swirls aren’t your thing more apps are coming as a part of the action walls series, where or not this is appealing, depends on how you want the wallpaper to be.

If want a phone that is lively even when you are just staring at your icon,  then you will have to go for the outlay

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