7 Best Free News Apps 2019 | Free News Apps Download

Free News App Free News Apps Download – Everybody wants to get everything done within a matter of a few seconds. The advanced technology of the modern-day has taken over the use of TV and offered us many ways to stay updated with the different news source.

With numerous Free news apps, one can easily get the latest news on their screen within a snap of their finger. News apps not only give us the latest news updates. It also gives other features like push notifications and sharing locations.

Finding the right Free news apps is quite challenging you need to look out for a variety of features before you select the best. We made research and rounded up with the best free news apps for both your iOS and Android devices.

7 Best Free News Apps 2019 | Free News Apps Download

Best Free News Apps

News app have reshaped how we stay informed with latest news, they save us from the task of tracking tons of news sources and compiling all our favorite news together. Here are the top most used free news apps we got;

  • Google news – Google news is a smart Free news app that organizes things happening around us and around the world in real-time. The app gives you access to favorite news and magazines, allows you to read about events and stay informed about local news and events.
  • News 360 – this app is a substantial Free news app that picks only what the user is interested in and displays it to them. With the news 360 app, you can get unlimited content from the best mainstream news to local websites and blogs.
  • Pulse – is an Android mobile news app that gets its content from a variety of news sources. Pulse News app is designed by LinkedIn and has features like location, push notifications, photo library, and camera.
  • Yahoo news digest – this app keeps you updated with breaking news, live video, and trending stories. You get to know top stories from a different point of view.
  • Top buzz – is powered by AI feature, it gives you the most relevant and trending contents as news. You can browse or follow a topic from top publishers and creators, share your favorite news on the app.
  • Flipboard – Flipboard news app imitates an original magazine, everything is organized in large grids. You can follow specific topics and create personalized magazines for everyone around the world to see.
  • Smart news – this is an intelligent news app that gives you high-quality contents. There’s a tab manager that lets you switch between various news sections like sports, entertainment, and many more.

The above-mentioned news apps let you get the latest updates on topics and things you care about. They can be used on both iOS and Apple devices.

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