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123movies DownloadWhat exactly is 123movies? – 123movies offers movie and TV streaming service, however, developers do this illegally.

Another problem with this website is that it uses rogue advertising networks. Untrustworthy ads are displayed on the website, which redirects to other dubious, deceptive sites.

123movies Download | 123movies Websites

123movies Download Reviews

This video streaming website contains various advertisements, if clicked, open other sites that are not trusted.

Please Note that, these ads can run scripts that download and install unwanted programs or apps, most of which might be malicious.

Furthermore, using 123movies Download usually causes redirects to other dubious websites including, for example, deceptive web pages that display fake virus alerts. These trick people into believing that their computers are infected with malware, viruses, and so on.

Generally, visitors are encouraged to download applications and software that supposedly eliminates detected threats. We strongly advice that you do not download any software or apps from sites that advertise them using deception.

Additionally, this website might open web pages used to promote potentially unwanted apps (PUAs), such as adware, browser hijackers etc.

Furthermore, 123movies Download asks for permission to show notifications. If permitted, various adverts that lead to suspicious web pages, unwanted notifications, and so on, will be displayed.

123movies is similar to many other sites. Some examples are Movies123 and Putlocker. Typically, websites of this type contain dubious advertisements and cause redirects to untrustworthy web pages.

To avoid unwanted 123movies downloads, or installations, and other problems, we suggest that you avoid visiting or using rogue sites.

For Those Who Know What They are Doing

If you have decided to go ahead to download movies from 123movies, we’ll like to show you how to do so:

What will you need to download the Video?

  • Google Chrome Browser
  • An Extension for downloading videos

How to Download Videos or Movies from 123Movies

  • Click on the Google Chrome Internet Browser on your PC
  • Add this Google Chrome Extension (https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/flash-video-downloader/aiimdkdngfcipjohbjenkahhlhccpdbc?hl=en) to Google Chrome and enable it
  • Restart Google Chrome to make the extension work properly
  • Visit the website mentioned above (It works on many other websites)
  • Play the video and then click on the Download Icon (The extension that I asked you to add to chrome will add a Download icon on the top right of the Google Chrome Browser)
  • Next, you will see a Start or Download button with the name of the video/Movie. It may take up to 60 seconds for the download button to appear after the video playing starts. Once it shows up, click on it to start downloading. Please take note! it may or may not show file size
  • If you want to see the size of the file it has downloaded, click on the Download icon again.
  • Once the download is complete a popup appears and then you can rename it and save the file

Alternatively, if you want to download videos and music in batch from any online site quickly without quality loss and convert it to any format (MP3, MP4, HEVC, MOV, AVI, etc) for playback on computer, TV, iPhone, iPad and Android mobile devices, WinX HD Video Converter Deluxe (https://www.winxdvd.com/hd-video-converter-deluxe/) is worth a try.

disclaimer: Downloading any copyright content may lead in legal action against you.  The files you download from 123Movies is at your own risk.

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