Victoria’s Secret Gift Cards | Gift Victorias Secret Gift Card to a Friend

Victoria’s secret gift cards is a prepaid gift card which is available in different denominations from $10 to $500. The Victoria’s secret gift card is issued in U.S. dollars and ordering of the gift cards are processed and charged in U.S. dollars, not withstanding the currency you chooses while ordering the gift card.

Victoria’s secret is an American designer manufacturer that offers quality and designers products on lingerie, panties, bras, bralettes, beauty products, bags, accessories, and sport products.

Victoria’s secret gift cards are purchase both online at Victoria’ and at Victoria’s secret in store. To search for your nearest Victoria’s secret store, simply follow the necessary guide below:

  • Visit
  • Click the Menu button.
  • Click the store locator tab.
  • Enter your city and state and zipcode.
  • Click search.

A list of Victoria’s secret store locations in your locality will be quickly searched and displayed in your device screen.

victoria's secret gift cards

Learn About Victoria’s Secret Gift Cards

With this little mentioned facts about Victoria’s secret gift cards, I assure you won’t be among the Victoria’s secret users who finds it difficult ordering, redeeming, and using a Victoria’s secret gift card or egift cards.

  • Victoria’s secret gift cards are redeemed in phone, online at or in any Victoria’s secret U.S. and Puerto Rico stores.
  • Shipping of Victoria’s secret gift cards are subjected to some international shipping rates.
  • Gift cards purchased online at are shipped free with standard delivery to U.S.
  • Any purchased Victoria’s secret gift cards or items cannot be returned and the gift cards cannot be used to purchase merchandise.
  • Victoria’s secret accepts replacement of lost, stolen, or damaged gift cards.
  • Lastly, usage of Victoria’s secret gift cards has restrictions. Visit Victoria’s secret gift card page to view the card usage restrictions.

Select and order Victoria’s Gift Card for Yourself

To order for a Victoria’s secret gift card for yourself, simply;

  • Visit
  • Click send by mail.
  • Choose your gift card design.
  • Select a gift card value.
  • Enter your name.
  • Click add to bag .
  • Click checkout button. Follow the necessary instructions yo complete the payment transactions of the gift card you ordered.

Gift Victoria’s secret Gift Card to a Friend

Victoria’s secret gift card is an ideal and perfect gift you can give to a friend, family, spouse, colleague, and enemy for every special occasion. To gift a Victoria’s secret gift card, simply;

  • Visit Victoria’
  • Click send by email
  • Choose a gift card design.
  • Select a gift card value.
  • Select a delivery date for your gift.
  • Click continue.
  • Enter your recipients name.
  • Enter your name.
  • Then Enter recipients email address.
  • Confirm the recipients email.
  • Add an optional message.
  • Then click add to bag.

You’ll be directed to the checkout page where you should enter your payment details and complete the transaction.

Use Victoria’s Secret Gift Card for your every Shopping

You can use your Victoria’s secret gift cards for every shopping you wish to do on To buy a product with Victoria’s secret gift cards, simply:

  • Visit
  • Go through the different listed products and make a choice.
  • Click add to bag.
  • Click checkout.
  • Tap the sign in button.

Follow the instructions to pay for the product with your Victoria’s secret gift card.

Note: Before you can order a Victoria’s secret gift card or shop on Victoria’s secret, you need to be a registered member of Victoria and have a valid account.

Check Victoria’s Secret Gift Card Balance

Check your gift card balance online or by calling Victoria’s secret gift card customer care service on (800) 270-8999. To check the balance online, simply;

  • Visit
  • In the check balance page, enter your card number and card pin code.
  • Click check balance.

However the Victoria’s secret giftCards cannot be used to purchase another Victoria’s secret gift card and cannot be used to pay for a Victoria’s secret credit card balance.

Also the Victoria’s secret gift cards has no expiration date.

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