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MC1 Credit Card – Issued by National Bank, MC1 Credit Card, is one of National Bank most accessible card that has no annual fee charge attached to it. It comes with exclusive offers, to enable cardholders, enjoy great benefits and so much more in the world’s top cities.

For those who desire to make purchases with a credit card, build their credit history, and those who are looking to own their first credit card, MC1 credit card, has got you covered on all these needs.

MC1 Credit Card

Benefits of  MC1 Credit Card 

• Cardholders, get to enjoy Gastronomical delights, and other exclusive perks, in world’s top cities, with “Priceless Cities”
• Take advantage of a 90-day purchase protection, and shop with peace of mind. You can rest, knowing that some of your purchases, are protected against theft and damage
• With this card, you can shop securely with Zero Liability fraud protection
• MC1 Mastercard, is free from annual fee hassles
• There’s double manufacturer’s warranty offer, which gets items repaired or replaced for up to twice as long as.

MC1 Credit Card Interest Rates & Fees

• Balance Transfer Rate – 22.99%
• Purchase Rate – 19.99%
• Cash Advance Rate – 22.99%
• Annual Fee – $0
• Additional Cardholder Annual Fee – $0
• Minimum Credit Limit – $500.

MC1 Mastercard Application

Take note of the following, as you get set to apply for MC1 Mastercard;

Eligibility Criteria

• Those, who wish to apply for MC1 Mastercard, should be at the age of majority in the province or territory where they reside
• Applicant, should be a Canadian resident.

Application Steps

• Start your application, by heading over to Banque Nationale du Canada application page
• As the webpage opens up, enter the following; Title, First name, Last name, Birthdate, Email, Confirm email, Social insurance (optional), Phone.
• Thereafter, provide your Address details; Address, Residential status, Since?
• Once you complete the first phase, tap on the “Continue” button to be directed further on what to do.

How To Activate MC1 Mastercard 

All you are required to do, to activate your MC1 Mastercard, is call at 1 888 969-2273.

MC1 Mastercard Login

To login, and securely manage your account,

• Head over to
• Provide your Email
• Provide also your Password
• Tap on the “Sign In” link, to access your account.

MC1 Mastercard Password Recovery

Recover your forgotten password, by doing the following;

• Head over to the login page
• As the page opens, provide your email, Date of birth
• Answer the question, which product do you have? (Debit card/ Credit card)
• Next, provide the last 4 digits of your card number
• Thereafter, tap on the “ I’m not a robot” box
• To complete the first phase, tap on the “Continue” button

How To Make MC1 Mastercard Bill Payment

Take the following steps, to make your MC1 bill payment;

• Scroll to, and log into your online account. Thru the National Bank mobile app,
• Find the payment button
• Pick a convenient payment option, and make your bill payment

Bill payment can also be made via
• Phone
• Mail
• At a Branch

Cardholders, can also set up automated payments which can save them money, and also enable them make their bill payment on time.

MC1 Mastercard Customer Care Number

Contact MC1 Mastercard customer care unit, by calling at 1 888 969-2273, to have any issues you may on MC1 Mastercard addressed.

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