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Mastercard Platinum Card – MasterCard for over 50 years has been leading and top tech company that has united customers, companies, merchants, countries as well as business men and women. MasterCard Incorporated is a multinational company originating from the United States which majors in financial services and cashless payments. MasterCard’s center of operations is located in New York United States.

Mastercard Platinum Card

Mastercard Platinum Card are cards that are designed for premium customers who love the luxury life, require a card that can be used in any of the best countries, love to travel and want a sophisticated financial experience.

What Mastercard Platinum Card Offers

-Travel Benefits

When you have a Platinum MasterCard, you have a ticket into the world of benefits and discounts during your travel to your favourite locations. You get to enjoy premium privileges and exclusive amenities in almost 400 hotels and recreation centers. Even if you travel with your spouse and your family, there are so many benefits to gain.

– Mastercard Flight Delay Pass™

You get to relax in MasterCard lounges all over the world if by any chance you miss your flight and enjoy a good rest.

– Unlimited Shopping

The belief that making purchases online is unsafe is one that has become quite popular. With MasterCard Platinum, you don’t have to be worried about that. We can assure you that all your transactions are safe and secure so you can just sit, back, relax and just shop.

– e-Commerce Protection

The world of commerce is gradually taking a new turn and becoming digital and hence, the reign of online shopping. MasterCard Platinum offers its cardholders online shopping protection. Whenever you make an online purchase, be rest assured that you have access to e-commerce protection with your MasterCard Platinum. For purchases up to 200 USD, MasterCard covers you if:

*The wrong item was delivered or your order is incomplete

*When the item you purchased is not functioning properly.

* When 30 days have elapsed and an item has not been delivered.

Whenever you fall into this category, you can easily make a claim by heading to the MasterCard website

Exclusive Invites And Tickets

You also have access to complimentary invites and exclusive passes to big events happening in your city, hang with the stars and enjoy a good time of entertainment.


With MasterCard Platinum, you can borrow or obtain higher credit limits than other cards anywhere and anytime you need it so you if you love the high life, got the financial muscle and you want to flex it, this is definitely the card you are looking for.


To be eligible for a MasterCard Platinum Card, you must be earning a high minimum income amount. Your credit standing must also be in good standing as you will be required to repay money which you borrow if you’re using the Mastercard Platinum Credit Card. You must also be above the age of 18 and be a permanent resident of any country you are applying for the Platinum card from.

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