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Loblaw Card Services Activation is an online card activation process, required by Loblaw card services, to help you activate your card for use.

Activating your Loblaw card, gets you in on all that the Loblaw card services has to offer.

Loblaw credit card is issued by Peoples Trust Company. The Loblaw card is issued by Loblaw to customers, to help them purchase items sold in Loblaw grocery stores across Canada.

Loblaw found out that Canadians were being overcharged for the cost of some packaged bread products in their stores as well as other grocery stores across Canada. To this end, Loblaw, came up with a $25 Loblaw card for eligible customers, who registered by May 8, to aid them in their purchases in Loblaw stores across Canada.

Loblaw Card Services Activation Terms

The following, are the terms guiding the Loblaw Card Services.

  • Loblaw cards, are fulfilled, and distributed by Blackhawk Network (Canada) Ltd. Thus to activate the Loblaw card, the cardholder, is to visit Blackhawk’s dedicated program website at www.LoblawCardServices.ca
  • Cardholders, can use Loblaw card immediately upon activation at any Loblaw Retailer
  • All eligible customers, who registered by May 8, 2018, get a $25 Loblaw Card, which they can use for purchase transactions, for items sold in Loblaw grocery stores across Canada
  • Upon card registration, you are to allow up to 12 weeks for delivery. ( Most cards, can be delivered in 6 or less)
  • As a customer uses the card, the customer is under no obligation, to show any additional ID to make a purchase)
  • Any leftover funds on the card, after the valid thru date, the cardholder, reserves the right to request those funds from Loblaw 25 gift card registration.
  • Loblaw card, can be used to purchase other items apart from bread
  • The card use, is restricted to the purchase of alcohol, tobacco or at a cooking school
  • If a cardholder, decides to make returns with the card, the customer must adhere to the store policy.

Loblaw Card Activation Steps

Loblaw card card activation page, is available in English and French.

How to Activate

To successfully use your Loblaw card, you are to first activate it. To do this;

  • Proceed to the web page https://www.loblawcardservices.ca/home
  • Once the webpage opens up, provide the following details, in the required fields. They are;
  • Card Number
  • Plastic Valid Thru Date (from back of card)
  • MM* YYY*
  • Security code (The three digits on the back of your card
  • Finally, tick on the “Submit” link, to submit your details for card activation.

There your Loblaw card services activation is complete. You can start using your card purchases at Loblaw stores across Canada.

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