Guild War2 Gift Card Redeem | Where can I Buy a Guild War2 Gift Card GEMS

Guild war2 gift card is an online multiplayer designed for playing games. It was developed by Arena net with over a thousand Gems Arena around the globe.

Guild war can also be seen as an adventure game which started so many years ago in the world of Tyria, after the sudden defeat of the most superior destroyer in the north. At about that time of the war, some dragons that lives beneath the continent arose and caused a whole lot of damages to the descendants of Tyria.

guild war2 gift card

Does Guild War2 Offer Gift Cards?

Guild war2 offers numerous gift cards to its users around the globe. This gift cards can also be referred to as Gems card.

What can I buy with a Guild War2 Gift Card (gems card)?

With a this gift card or gems card, you can buy about a thousand or more game contents at Guild war2 online.

Where can I Buy a Guild War2 Gift Card?

GEM gift cards or gem cards can be purchased at the following Authorised retailers in store listed below;

What do I get when I Purchase a Guild War2 Gift Card?

After purchasing a Gems gift card, a 10 digit gift code will be sent to you via the email address you entered when purchasing the gift card or it will be displayed on your device screen.

When do I Receive my Guild War2 Gift Card Code?

You get your guild war2 gift card code immediately after you purchase a gems card. It takes about some minute to receive the gift card code. Your gems gift card code will either be displayed on your device screen or sent to you via your email address.

Buy a guild War2 Gift Card via a Retailer in Store.

I wish to buy a guild war2 gift card online but it isn’t working and I decided to buy via a retailers in store but so confused and I don’t know how to go about it… purchasing a gems card via a retailers in store is never a pain in the neck, simply follow the steps below to learn;

If you wish to buy from best buy;

  • Visit
  • Click on guild war2 gift cards.
  • Select your desired guild war2 gift card.
  • Choose a gift card amount.
  • Click add to cart or bag.
  • Click proceed to checkout.

In the checkout process, you will be required to log in to your best buy account if you have one, or there’s a tab to register a new account. Quickly click on the tab to create your account and follow the necessary instructions to complete your purchase transaction. A gift card code will be sent to you instantly, with the gems card code you can unlock thousands of games on Guild You can also unlock lots of exciting features Arena net.

How do I Redeem my Guild War2 Gift Card?

To redeem;

  • Visit
  • Login to your guild war2 account.
  • Tap the black lion trading company menu.
  • Click the redeem code in the top left side of the screen.
  • Enter your guild war2 gift card code sent to your email address.
  • Follow the instructions to add the gift card to your account.

Note; in order to redeem a gems gift card or purchase a game with a guild war2 gift card, you must be a legal member of

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