Gmail Add Account | How To Add An Account On Your Android & iPhone

Gmail Add Account – Gmail is one of the most popular email service providers with millions of users all over the world. So many users patronize this email platform because of its awesome services and features. Since electronic mail has replaced the old form of sending and receiving messages, most individuals now look out for email platforms that provide fast and efficient services for its users.

And Gmail falls into the category of email service providers that give users what they want from an email platform. Gmail is totally free and easy to use, all you need is an internet connection and your login details or the app and you are good to go.

Gmail Add account

Benefits Gmail Add Account

Gmail has lots of benefits that come with and adding an account is one of them. Not every user has just one account; most users have multiple accounts, maybe accounts for fun and professional accounts for serious business. And having to log out one account to log in another account can be quite annoying, or having to log in your accounts in different devices might be annoying as well. GOOGLE ADD ACCOUNT option solves this problem; you can easily access your accounts on one device without having to sign in all over again. Switching to another account becomes very easy since your two accounts are both stored in the same menu on the same device.

How To Add Gmail Account On Your Android Phone

You might have a second account and you wish to have it and your existing account on your Gmail in one device, well Google has made it possible for you to do so. You can add an account to your Gmail and have access to it and your other account as well. To do so:

  • Login to Gmail, you can get to the official website through any browser of your choice or you can tap to open your Gmail app
  • Launch SETTINGS from your home screen
  • Swipe up the settings menu to scroll down
  • Then Tap GOOGLE
  • Enter your email address in the blank space
  • Tap NEXT
  • Type your password
  • Tap NEXT

How To Add Gmail Account On Your PC

You can add an account on your Gmail by simply following the steps below:

  • Go to the official website of Gmail through any browser of your choice
  • Then login to your Gmail account to gain access to your Gmail inbox
  • Once in you are in your Gmail inbox, tap SETTINGS on the drop-down menu that appears.
  • You have to reenter your password and click sign in to continue, this only serves as a safety precaution carried out by Gmail.
  • Once on the new settings page, go to ACCOUNTS AND IMPORTS option
  • Then go through your settings page again, click GRANT ACCESS TO ACCOUNT and then click ADD ANOTHER ACCOUNT
  • When a new screen opens, you will be required to enter the email address of the new account and click NEXT STEP
  • You have to double check if the email address is correct before tapping SEND EMAIL TO GRANT ACCESS
  • Then you can now confirm the account addition by signing in to your account, a link will be sent to you to confirm account addition, click on the link and that is all.
How To Add Gmail Account On iPhone

The Google add an account option is also applicable to iOS devices and we can show you the steps to do so:

  • Open your Gmail app on your phone
  • Tap the MENU ICON on the home screen of the app
  • then your existing email address to log into it
  • Then tap ADD ACCOUNT from the list of options
  • Tap Google
  • Tap CONTINUE when you are asked for permission to sign in
  • tap NEXT
  • Enter your Gmail address
  • Tap NEXT
  • Now enter your password
  • You can choose important information from your account that you wish to see and tap SAVE.

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