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Gamestop Gift card are an incredible and ideal gifts for rewards, holidays, birthdays, anniversary, and many more events. At Gamestop, you get the latest, classical, and hottest games.

Gamestop offers a gift card and egift card to every game lover all round the globe.

Gamestop gift cards and egift cards are purchased in denominations of $10, $25, $50, $75, and $100. Gamestop also allows you to customise your gift card amount but it shouldn’t exceed $500.

At Gamestop purchasing of gift items and games are very easy because of the websites easy user interface.

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Difference Between a Gamestop Gift Card and a Gamestop egift Card.

A quite number of people online keep asking this question. The answer is just simple, a Gamestop gift card is a physical plastic gift card that is sent to a buyer via post. While a Gamestop egift card is an electronic gift card that is sent to a recipient via an email address. The Gamestop gift card is normally bought online and in stores but the egift card is bought online only.

Are there any sales tax charges to a Gamestop gift cards?

No, a big NO, there are no sales tax charges when purchasing a Gamestop card or egift card.

Where can I use my Gamestop gift cards?

Both the Gamestop gift cards and egift cards can be used online at If you want to use your physical plastic gift card, make sure you scratch off the grey panel to view the gift card security pin. Give the Gamestop security pin and 19 digits card number to the store cashier. The total value of your order will be deducted from your gift card balance.

Where can I Redeem Gamestop gift card?

Gamestop gift cards can be redeem online at and at all Gamestop card locations. To find your nearest location, visit the Gamestop store location page, enter your post code, and click search. Your nearest Gamestop store location will be shown on your device screen.

When Does a Gamestop Gift Card Expire?

Every other gift cards might expire but the Gamestop cards has no expiry dates. Both the Gamestop physical gift card and electronic gift card has no expiry date.

Can I RETURN a Gift I Purchased with a Gamestop Gift Card?

No, every gift purchased at Gamestop with a Gamestop cards are not returnable for any reason except if required by law.

Where can I Buy or Order Gamestop gift cards?

You can order  Gamestop card or egift card at any participating Gamestop retail outlets like Amazon, Walgreen, National gift card, Staples, Gyft, Raise, Gift card Granny, Dollar General, and more.

I Tried Checking my Gamestop Gift Card balance online buts it isn’t working, what might be the problem?

If you tried checking your Gamestop gift card balance online at and it isn’t working, know that the site is currently out of service for checking of gift card balances. But you can check your gift card balance at any Gamestop participating store. Visit the store cashier unit and give the gift card pin and number to the cashier. The cashier will carry out the process and let you know about your gift card balance.

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