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Fry’s credit card application, can be done via in-store for the Fry’s Electronic Credit Card or online, for Fry’s Rewards World MasterCard, depending on the Fry’s card you are signing up for.

Fry’s offers two kinds of credit cards they are

  • Fry’s Electronics Credit Card by First Electronic Bank, and
  • Fry’s Rewards World Mastercard® by U.S. Bank.

The application procedure for each of the cards depends on which of the cards you applying for.

Fry’s credit card application for Fry’s Rewards World Mastercard®, can be done online, while Fry’s Electronic credit card can be done in-store. Here’s how you can apply for any of the cards in-store or online.

Fry’s Credit Card Application

Fry’s Rewards World Mastercard® Credit Card Application Online | Fry’s Credit Card Application

Fry’s Rewards World MasterCard, is offered by US Bank. It rewards its customers with decent benefits to aid their transactions as they use the credit card.

How to Apply apply for fry’s credit card 

  • To get started on this application, the first step requires your; Shopper’s card number, First name, Middle name, Last name, Suffix, Date of birth, Social security number, Country of citizenship, Answer the question “Are you a citizen of another country?, by ticking the “Yes” or “No” option, Country of Permanent Residence, Primary phone number, Mobile phone number, and Email address
  • In this next step, you will be prompted, to provide your Housing information, which includes the following; Physical address, Suite/Unit #, City, State, Zip code, Time at address, Housing Status, and Monthly payment
  • The third step, requires your Income and Employment details. This includes; Employment status, Employer, Annual income, Source of annual income, Additional annual income, Expected monthly cash transactions, and Expected monthly international transactions.
  • Thereafter, you will be prompted to add an “Authorized User” ( This step is optional), thus you can bypass it if you do not add an authorized user.
  • Then you are to go thru the Terms and Conditions of the credit card.
  • If you agree to the terms and conditions governing the credit card, tap on the “Submit” button to submit your Fry’s credit card application for approval.

Fry’s Electronics Credit Card Application in-store | Fry’s Credit Card Application in store

Fry’s Electronics credit card, is issued by First Electronic Bank, and thus cannot be applied for online. It offers it’s users great benefits, which makes the card a priced possession anytime any day.

To apply in-store for the card;

  • Locate a Fry’s store, and request for an application form
  • After you get the form, you are to answer the questions asked, by providing the necessary answers in the given fields.
  • Once you’re thru with providing the required information’s, you are to submit your application, for approval.

You can mail your application to the following address for approval;

First Electronic Bank

2150 S 1300 E Suite 400

Salt Lake City UT 84106.

  • Once your application, is approved, you will be sent a confirmation message

Fry’s credit card application, is as simple as spelled out above and can be done in minutes, once you have the required information handy and meet up with the eligibility status.

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