Facebook Smartwatch – Facebook to Launch a Smartwatch with dual Cameras in Summer 2022: Report

Facebook has plans to remove Apple from leading. Facebook is planning to manufacture a new smartwatch with dual cameras. Facebook has plans to reveal the device next summer.

Facebook has plans to make the smartwatch independent, users can make use of their devices without their smartphones.

Facebook Smartwatch

Facebook smartwatch with Dual cameras

The Facebook smartwatch is produced with a camera sensor at the front that will be majorly used for video calls, the main camera with autofocus will enable users to capture high res videos and pictures without using their smartphones.

As per the report from the verge, Facebook is encouraging third-party manufacturers to develop accessories for the device to enable users to attach it to their clothes or backpacks.

Facebook is also working with top wireless carriers in the US to enable LTE support for its upcoming smartwatch, users can use the Facebook smartwatch without having to pair it with their smartphones

With the upcoming launch of the Facebook smartwatch, which aims to compete with Apple in terms of smartwatch sales. However, Facebook aims to sell volume in the low six-figure, which is like a tiny part when compared to apple’s market share.

Facebook also stated that the future versions I it’s smartwatch will be significant in playing a role in AR/VR ecosystems. So that company users will be able to use the smartwatch as an important device for company augmented reality headsets.

The Facebook smartwatch will be available in summer 2022 and it will come in three color colors black, gold, and white.

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