Drybar Gift Card | How do I Buy a Drybar Gift Card Balance

Drybar Gift Card – Drybar like the name implies is a California based salon that provides a blowout service to users nationwide.

Drybar was founded 2008 by Alli Webb, the company offers its users different products ranging from a blow dryer to hair accessories and down to hair sprays and hair creams.

With over a thousand hair styling salons around the California, Drybar still remains the California’s best hair styling service. Drybar has about a hundred and more hair salons around the globe.

Someone asked recently of Drybar offers gift cards like every other salons and beauty shops. Yes, Drybar offers its users both a plastic gift card and an egift card.

drybar gift card

Where exactly can Drybar Gift Cards be used?

Drybar gift cards are used for authorised purchases at all Drybar retail locations nationwide.

How do I shop for a Drybar Gift Card?

To shop for your this gift card, visit Drybar online or any retail stores to get one.

  • Visit thedrybar.com.
  • Click this one is on me.
  • Enter your desired card amount.
  • Choose the quantity of Drybar gift cards you wish to buy.
  • Enter your details.
  • Add a gift card message.
  • Then click add to cart.

Can I Send a Drybar Gift Card to a Friend?

Of course, you can send a Drybar gift card to a friend via email, Drybar gift cards sent via email are called Drybar egift cards or electronic gift cards. Sending a Drybar gift card via email is as easy as what you think it to be, follow the necessary instructions below to send one:

  • Visit thedrybar.com/egift cards.
  • Choose a gift card design.
  • Enter a gift card amount.
  • Enter your recipients details – your recipients name and email address.
  • Add a brief message to the gift card.
  • Enter a delivery date.
  • Click Add to cart and follow the instructions to go through the payment process. After sending a Drybar gift card, your recipients receives an email with the Drybar gift card design and code.

With the gift card code, he/she can shop  for blowouts online at Drybar.com.

How long does it take to Deliver a Gift Card?

Once you place an order for a the gift card, the order will be processed and the gift card will be delivered to you within 5-7 business days depending on your location.

How do I search for my Nearest Drybar Location?

To search for a nearest Drybar location;

  • Visit HTTPS://www.thedrybar.com/locations.
  • Enter your zip code.
  • Click search.

Your nearest Drybar locations will be instantly displayed to you on your screen, visit any of the locations to shop for blowouts.

Does Drybar Gift Cards Expire?

Both Drybar egift cards and plastic gift cards have no expiration date.

Other things you need to know about a Drybar gift cards….

  • This gift cards cannot be resold or redeemed for cash.
  • The gift card cannot also ‘ve exchanged or transferred for cash.
  • Drybar is not responsible for the loss of any gift card, therefore the gift cards should be treated like cash.
  • Drybar unused loss or stolen gift card value cannot be redeemed for cash.

Note: a Drybar gift card or egift cardiac be used as a personal and business gifts but cannot be used for any promotional activities.

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