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Discover Credit Card is one of the products under the Discover Financial Services which was founded by Seats and Roebuck retail in 1985. Discover Financial Services is situated in the United States where it began. Their credit card was very popular was charging no yearly fees, offering the highest credit limit and cash back bonuses for its users which made them stand out among credit card issuers.

Discover Credit Card

Discover Credit Cards are issued by Discover Bank which is was formerly under Greenwood Trust Company but in Discover Financial Services. Discover Card is ranking as the fourth biggest credit card brand in the United States after MasterCard, American Express and Visa with about 45 million cardholders.

What Discover Credit Card Offers

REWARDS – With Discover credit card, you get cash back at the end of your first year of use automatically. You also get 5% at places like gas stations, grocery stores, restaurants, wholesale clubs every quarter up to the maximum amount. You get to earn 1% cash back on all purchases and redeem your rewards for any cash no matter the amount. There also no expiry date for your cash back and they are also redeemable on

SECURITY: Discover Credit offers guaranteed security when you use their cards. Discover Credit cards also give you the ability to freeze your accounts within seconds to ensure that no new purchases are made. There’s no liability when there is a case of fraud on your account. Discover can also get a new card shipped overnight to wherever you are in the US.

VALUE: Discover Credit card has great value. Your annual percentage rate does not increase when you pay late. There’s no late fee on your first late payment, no over-limit fees, and no foreign transaction fees. You don’t have to pay any unnecessary charges on your Discover credit card.

SERVICE: Discover Credit card also offers quality service. A 100% US-based customer service is available 24 hours all 7 days and you have till midnight to pay the bill. The card is also accepted nationwide by up to 97% of credit card accepting merchants.

Eligibility For Discover Credit Card

GOOD CREDIT – Your credit has to be of good standing and you must have the ability to borrow and pay back promptly. Your credit rate has to be a minimum of 648 FICO.

AGE – You must be of 18 years and above and also be a permanent resident of your country. If you’re above 21, you should have records of your independent assets.

INCOME – You have to be earning at least 200 USD because you’ll be given high credit limits. The bank wants to be confident that you can afford to pay for what you are applying for.

HISTORY – If you’ve had any banking history with Discover bank, you want to make sure you were not naughty and your books are tidy. Any slip or disparity might just get your credit card request rejected or thrown out.

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