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Citi Credit Cards – Citigroup is the parent company of Citibank which issues Citi credit cards. Citigroup is an American transnational banking and financial services conglomerate which has it’s headquarters in New York, United States.

Citigroup was established as a result of the merger or unity of Citicorp and Travellers group in 1998 but Travellers group formed a new company in 2002. Citigroup now owns Citicorp and Citibank along with other international businesses operated across the world. Citibank on its own was founded in 1812 first as the City Bank of New York. Its name was changed to First National City Bank of New before it became Citi Bank.

For over 200 years now, Citigroup has been standing strong in the financial services industry and through Citibank, now issues Citi Credit Cards. The bank has a chain of 2,649 branches in over 20 countries with 723 in the United States. It is the fourth biggest bank in America alongside Chase, Bank of America and Wells Fargo.

Citibank Cash Back Credit Card

 Citi Credit Cards Offers

REWARDS: You get rewards every time you go shopping and get 10 times reward of whatever you spend at department stores. You also get to earn a one Citi point on other purchases. However the stores these rewards apply to are based on Identification.

It applies to department stores based on the Merchant Category Codes assigned to them by Visa and MasterCard. Your rewards also never expire and redeemable at big stores all over the country. They can also be converted to shopping discounts, cash back or flyer miles. You also get interest free days when you pay up your credit on time.

SECURITY: Your Citi credit cards are always safe and protected from fraud. You can always feel secure whenever you want to shop especially online with complete comfort and peace of mind.

CASH BACK – You get cash back on most of your spending and purchase plus more discounts when you use them at selected gas stations.

PERSONAL LOAN TRANSFER: When you have a personal loan pending, if you have a Citi credit card, you can transfer the balance of your personal loan to your Citi credit card.

COMPLIMENTARY INSURANCE: When you purchase your travel tickets with Citi credit cards, your family can be insured. Medical expenses canceled trips, loss of personal effects and other cases are covered. You could also get extended warranty cover for eligible possessions and a pricing system you can trust you refund the difference in price when you shop online and find it cheaper elsewhere.

SAMSUNG PAY: When you download the Samsung pay app on your smartphone, it is easy to make payments. You can just tap your phone at contactless terminals.

Eligibility For Citi Credit Cards

AGE: To apply for a Citi credit card you have to be 21 years and above. The maximum age, however, is 65 years to apply for a credit card.

INCOME: You must be earning a high income as this is a card with high credit limits. For you to apply for this card, you must meet the income standards slated for this account.

DOCUMENTS: There are required documents you are to present to the bank. In the absence of these documents, your application will be rejected.

CITIZENSHIP: You are required to be a full citizen and resident of the country you are applying from. In the absence of proof that you’re a citizen, your request will be rejected.

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