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Best buy Credit Card Payments – If you shop regularly at BestBuy, either online or in the stores, you would have been approached to apply for a BestBuy credit card. Available in two types (Visa and in-store specific). Shopping with those cards comes with a whole lot of benefit and perks.

The Best Buy credit card is issued by Citi, and like I said earlier comes in two varieties. My Best Buy Credit card which can be used only in BestBuy stores. The other is My Best Buy Visa card which can be used in the store. Then any other retailer that accepts visa card.

Best Buy Credit Card payments come with a whole lot of rewards and perks. Using the in-store card or the visa card comes with a whole lot of promotional bonuses. Whether used in the store or in any other retail store.

best buy credit card

They are four ways to make payments using a Best Buy Credit Card:

  • Online
  • In stores
  • Via Mail
  • Through the Phone

Benefit Of Using Best Buy Credit Card to Make Payments

Here are some benefits of Using a Best Buy Credit Card to make payments:

  • IT IS QUICK: you can make payments with a BestBuy Credit card without having to update your payment information at all time.
  • VERY SECURE: BestBuy Pay uses the same security measures that are used when you shop or make an order on
  • IT IS EASY: since your details are save with BestBuy, Paying with BestBuy Credit card is just a 1 or 2 step procedure, you don’t have to always update your details.
  • IT IS REWARDING: making payments with BestBuy credit cards leaves you with a choice of rewards and flexible financing on your purchases.

Using Best Buy credit cards to make purchases are very safe and secure. Strict authorization processes are accrued to you making purchases with your card. When an order is placed,  BestBuy authorizes your Credit Card to make sure sufficient fundings are available and a hold is put on you being debited until your order has been confirmed.

When you make payments with your card at Best Buy, the card’s reward rates are among the best in the retail business. Cardholders get 5% back in rewards on online and in-store payments. And if you qualify for ElitePlus status by meeting some spending requirements, it is hiked to 6%.

Using the Visa card earns you 2% in groceries and dining, another 1% in purchases. Best Buy has been known to always offer promotional rewards at intervals. You could get promotional rewards of up to 10% by making purchases with your BestBuy Card.

Aside from promotional rewards, BestBuy offers promotional financing on purchases made with the card,  BestBuy gives up-to 24 months of interest -free financing on the purchases made with their card. This is a far longer term than any standard credit card currently offers.

Shopping and making purchases with a Best Buy Credit Card has proven to be an idea worth trying. Asides the benefits and perks, their security measures is one of the safest in the retail card business.

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